Foam Quality

The foam of the beer is an important quality parameter - it is the first impression the consumer receives before he enjoys the beer.

An insufficient foam for the beer drinker is nearly equivalent to "stale taste".

However, the foam is not only of sensory importance.The foam also prevents the CO2 from dissolving too quickly from the liquid.

A long-lasting foam and a certain CO2 content are the best preconditions for a fresh taste.



Various analyzes for the objective assessment of the foam stability can be carried out:

NIBEM method- with the aid of the (optional) tapping device, the beer is removed directly from the sealed bottle- the flasher head ensures a reproducible foam formation in the glass

And other (semi) automatic and manual methods

- foaming and / or air intake

- Variation of CO2 pressure

- automatic filling from the bottle or pouring method.

Data Storage 400 values
Interface RS 232 + USB-Adapter

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