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Any questions?

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Mash Baths

The mash bath for various analysis procedures / mashing process:

- conventional laboratory standard programs

  (Hartong, Kongress etc. - 

  defined in MEBAK and EBC are pre-installed,

  additional individual programmes are possible

- operation either directly at the device


   by using a computer (interface RS 232/USB) and the software.


- Temperature control in the water bath and/or sample beaker

- manual or automatic water dosage



admissable range up to +90°C
accuracy +/- 0,1°C
increase rate 1,5°KpM
Sample Beaker
volume 550 ml
quantity 4/8/12
or on request
heating power 1,4 - 2,8
according to the execution
voltage 230 V 50 Hz
consumption 8 - 16 A
according to the execution

You may see the handling in this video:

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